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Ashford Solid Colored Corriedale Sliver - 2.2lb bag - Grey

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Ashford Solid Colored Corriedale Sliver - 2.2lb bag - Grey is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Our Ashford Corriedale Sliver Wool has a defined, even crimp and is smooth and easy to spin or felt. You can spin a fine to medium woollen, worsted or semi-worsted yarn. This fiber also works fantastically in felted projects! Available in over 40 vivid colors! Corriedale will bulk after washing and has good elasticity. It is ideal for baby wear, woven, knitted or crocheted garments, or for use in needle and wet felted projects.

Sold in 2.2lb Bundles

27-30 micron with a 4.5in staple length.

Our Corriedale Sliver is a 100% New Zealand product with wool from well cared for, pasture-fed sheep. We choose only the finest wool to be carded, combed dried and dyed, and working with this fabulous fiber is a real treat!