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ChiaoGoo Spin 4" (10cm) Bamboo Interchangeable Needle Sets

SKU: 2400-C
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The ChiaoGoo SPIN Interchangeable Set features the same bamboo needles and nylon cords that you know and love. The needle tips feature a lifeline hole that makes adding a lifeline as simple as knitting across the row. The sets come packaged in an elegant black and white case with a green ribbon. The case is compact (6" x 8" closed) with 29 inner pockets for tips and one outside zippered pocket.

All Sets Include:

  • knitters guide
  • needle gauge
  • 2 tightening keys
  • One elegant, compact fabric case for storage

The Complete Spin Set Includes:

  • 13 pairs of 4" needle tips
  • US 2/2.75mm, US 3/3.25mm, US 4/3.55mm, US 5/3.75mm, US 6/4mm, US 7/4.5mm, US 8/5mm, US 9/5.5mm,  US 10/6mm, US 10.5/6.5mm, US 11/8mm, US 13/9mm and US 15/10mm
  • 2- 8" small cables; 2- 8" large cables
  • 2 large cable connectors, 2 small cable connectors
  • 2 large end stoppers, 2 small end stoppers

The Small Spin Set Includes:

  • 7 pairs of 4" needle tips
  • US 2/2.75mm, US 3/3.25mm, US 4/3.5mm, US 5/3.75mm, US 6/4mm, US 7/4.5mm and US 8/5mm.
  • 2- 8" cables
  • 2 small cable connectors
  • 2 small end stoppers


  • Tips made of Moso bamboo with swivel action!
  • Lifeline holes & easy-to-use [S] & [L] coded parts!
  • Smooth transitions & secure connections
  • Adorable, compact, zippered, book-style case with two, double-rows of pockets (29 total!) and one outside, zippered pocket
  • 16 tip sizes from US2 (2.75mm) to US15 (10mm) in 4" and six cable lengths 8" (20cm) to 50" (125cm) available for separate purchase