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Carded Corrie Mixed Bags | Five Days of Grey

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Our Carded Corriedale Sliver - Five Days of Grey is a unique collection of grey tones created by carefully blending and carding black and white Corriedale fibers. A 29-30 Micron count and 3 - 4 inch staple length make this sliver perfect for 3D needle felting, wet felting, and spinning. These incredibly lofty variety pack comes with approx 25 grams of each color, Drizzle, Fog, Thunder, Tornado, and Windstorm. 

The fibers have been spread into a web (but not in parallel lines as in combed wool) that is condensed into a continuous untwisted strand of fibers called a sliver. Carded fibers are perfect to use for needle felting.

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Bundle includes:

  • approx 25 grams of each color of Paradise Fibers Carded Corriedale Wool Sliver - Five Days of Grey:
    • Drizzle / Fog / Thunder / Tornado / Windstorm

Product Details:

Fiber: Corriedale

Microns: 29-30 Microns

Fibre Length: 80-120mm ( 3-4 in )

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