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Paradise Fibers Banana Top

SKU: BYT222-04
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Introducing Paradise Fibers new bast fiber, from the banana plant!  Dating back to the 13th century this fiber is commonly harvested and used in parts of Japan and Nepal.  This is a silky, strong, and soft cellulose fiber.

The fibers are carefully harvested from the shoots and trunk of the banana plant.  Next it is put through a softening process and mechanically extracted, bleached, and dried.  The fiber obtained is similar to silk and bamboo.  It has a long staple length and a lustrous soft hand.  Finer and more stable than most bast products, banana fiber has proven itself time and time again to be an incredibly strong fiber while remaining soft and light weight.  Which is why it is a go-to fiber for textile artists wanting to produce a strong, moisture absorbing, natural, bio-degradable garment. In Japan, banana fiber is traditionally used to make beautiful Kimono dresses.