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Paradise Fibers Grey Gotland Wool

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This Gotland Fiber is 100% Gotland Wool that has been combed and processed into a roving. Our Gotland has a good tensile strength, smooth silky locks with a clean feel and appearance. Fiber diameter is 35 micron, with black fibers slightly thicker than the white. Full and weighty, perfect for outerwear or even blended with another fiber to compliment it. Yak down is a compatible fiber we've found. Natural and undyed wool with a 5-7 inch staple length.  This fiber's high luster provides a gleam but proves durable and light weight in the finished product. Can be spun thick or thin and also felts and dyed beautifully. Perfect for weaving too! 

The Gotland Sheep is descended from the Gute Sheep which hail from Gotland Island, the largest island in the Baltic Sea. These were crossed with the Karakul sheep from Central Asia (a hornless breed known for their long curly fleeces) and Romanov sheep from Russia (a hardy, cold weather tolerant breed without horns).  This produced sheep with long, silky wool that skyrocketed in popularity around the world.  

Gotland is the special, some might even say magical, fiber used to make the Elven cloaks in The Lord of The Rings Movie Series as well as the magical attire in The Chronicles of Narnia.