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Over the Rainbow Collection

Somewhere over the rainbow, vibrant colors come together in a myriad of designs. Choose from Shawls, Socks, Sweaters, and more colorful patterns. More than gold lies at the end of the rainbow in Paradise.

Juniper Spur Pattern by Taiga Hilliard Designs - Featured in our July 2019 Over the Rainbow Fiber of the Month Club Box. Spin your yarn for this rainbow shawl.

For the Love of Rainbows Pattern by Knitting Expat Designs - A new, rainbow beauty to Paradise. Perfect for that special variegated, gradient, or hand spun skein. Try MadTosh Unicorn Tails for diy stripes.

A hand crocheted Squared Up Baby Jacket on a laughing baby.
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Unicorn Travel Pattern by Taiga Hilliard-Patterns-
Spectra Pattern by Stephen West-Patterns-
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Spectra Pattern by Stephen West

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