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Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Double Drive Laquered-
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Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel

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Schacht Baby Wolf Double Back Beam FL3071-Loom Accessory-
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Kromski Harp Forte Loom Stand-Loom Accessory-8" - Clear Finish-
Kromski Harp Forte Loom Stand

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From $129.00
Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Single Treadle-
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Ashford Joy 2 Spinning Wheel

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From $900.00
Paradise Fibers Double Row Combing Hackles
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Double Row Combing Hackles

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From $130.00
Louet Erica Table Looms-Looms-30cm (12")-2 Harnesses-
Louet Erica Table Loom

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From $491.00
TWIST 5" Interchangeable Needle Sets by ChiaoGoo-Interchangeable Needle Set-Small-
TWIST 5" Interchangeable Needle Sets by ChiaoGoo

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Ashford sampleIT loom with fabric
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Ashford SampleIT Loom - 16 inch

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Paradise Fibers Single Row Blending Hackles
Single Row Blending Hackles

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From $100.00
Paradise Fibers Blending Board - Small
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Paradise Fibers Blending Board - Small

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Schacht Baby Wolf Looms-Floor Looms-4 Shaft-
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Schacht Baby Wolf Looms

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Ashford Variable Dent Reed Kits-Loom Accessory-8" SampleIT Loom-
Ashford Variable Dent Reed Kits

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Ashford 4 and 8 shaft Table Loom Stands (with optional treadle kit)-Loom Accessory-16" Table Loom-Without Treadle Kit-
10 Inch Schacht Cricket Loom
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Schacht Cricket Loom

18 reviews
From $229.00
Louet David Floor Looms with New Sliding Beater-Floor Looms-David 70 (27") 8 Harness Loom- with New Beater-
Louet David III Floor Looms with New Hinged Beater

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Louet Jane Table Loom-Table Looms-40 cm (15 3/4")-
Louet Jane Table Loom

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Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel-Spinning Wheel-Clear Finish-
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Kromski Fantasia Spinning Wheel

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Ashford Stainless Steel Table Loom Reeds-Loom Accessory-Katie Loom 12" (30cm)-6dpi (24/10cm)-
Ashford Stainless Steel Table Loom Reeds

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From $59.00
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