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Constellation Range - Multi Color Merino/Silk Combed Top

72 reviews
From $17.00
Gems of Paradise Micro-blends-Fiber-Opal-4oz-
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Gems of Paradise Micro-blends

76 reviews
From $25.00
4 shades of Bambino. Blends of Bamboo and Merino Spinning Fiber. One pink, blue, green and red.
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Merino Wool and Bamboo Blends - Bambino

31 reviews
From $13.00
Colors Canberra Green, Budapest Purple, San Marino Blue, and Edinburgh Grey.
A Grade Dyed Mulberry Silk Top

24 reviews
From $8.00
11 bundles of Northern Lights Multi Colored Merino Wool Top
5 shades of Tutti Frutti carded corriedale. Burgundy, denim, mustard, lilac, and green.
Tutti Frutti Carded Corriedale

18 reviews
From $3.00
Color Stem, Pillow, Lilac, and Marine Dyed Flax Spinning Fiber Top.
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Dyed Flax/Linen Top

11 reviews
From $4.50
5 shades of the fairytale spinning fiber. One pastel, one aqua, one green, one ice blue, one neutral
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Merino and Stellina Blends - Fairytale

31 reviews
From $5.00
A rainbow of Bio Nylon Spinning Fibers.
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Biodegradable Nylon Fiber - Bio Nylon

9 reviews
From $2.00 $3.50
4 Shades of Dyed Bamboo Top Spinning Fiber
Solid Color Dyed Bamboo Top

14 reviews
From $3.50
4 balls of glitter merino and stellina fiber in the colors blue, silver, gold, and red.
Glitter Merino and Stellina Blends

14 reviews
From $10.74
All four shades of the Newenia Collection. One green/blue, one grey/blue, one purple, and one gold.
Newenia Luxury Blends

30 reviews
From $6.00
3 balls of tweedy merino and camel blends. One orange, one red, one blue.
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Tweedy Merino and Camel Down Blends

37 reviews
From $7.00
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Biodegradable Rose and Nylon Blends - Eco Soul

25 reviews
From $5.00
Cherry Blossom

13 reviews
From $5.00
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Paradise Fibers Multi Color Merino Wool Top - Neon

19 reviews
From $17.99 $20.00
4 multi color shades of dyed bamboo top.
Multi Color Dyed Bamboo Top

5 reviews
From $5.00
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Tea and Crumpets

9 reviews
From $5.00
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