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More Viking Sheep! The Gotland sheep were established on the Swedish island of Gotland by the Vikings along with Karakul and Romanov sheep that crossed with the native landrace sheep. It created a beautiful and unique sheep known today mostly from the Lord of the Rings films. Let’s talk about the “Lord of the Rings […]
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Don’t mess with Mama Llama!

Don’t mess with the Llama, he means business!  Sometimes called an “attack Llama,” llamas male or female, are great protectors of their herds, but you shouldn’t consider the llama to be an attack animal, more of a guardian instinctively reacting to protect its family. Llamas are not only kept for their wonderful spinning fiber but […]
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Earth Day Wool Facts!

Every day we learn something amazing about wool, the facts that could be listed are nearly endless as we research and learn more about one of natures near perfect fibers. For Earth day I thought I would share a few of my favorites! As anyone who has stayed dry with a wool sweater will tell […]
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Lots and Lots of Dye Lots

  A Dye Lot is a batch of yarn that was dyed together at the same time under the same conditions. A dye lot generally has very little variation in the colors, for large single color projects having a single dye lot can make or break you project. All the yarn from a dye lot […]
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Unicorn Fiber Cleaning Products

The differences between Unicorn Fiber’s Power Scour, Fiber Wash and Fiber Rinse: Power Scour– is used for fiber that is hard to wash either because of lanolin/grease, wax and suint found in sheep and goat fibers. It is also suggested for extremely dirty fibers that need to be scrubbed to come clean. Fiber Wash– is […]
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Knitting Abbreviations

Abbreviation: Name: [ ] work instructions within brackets as many times as directed ( ) work instructions within parentheses in the place directed * * repeat instructions following the asterisks as directed * repeat instructions following the single asterisk as directed “ inch(es) alt alternate approx approximately beg begin/beginning bet between BO bind off CA […]
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The world’s largest smallest knitting tote? Meet the Italia Tote!

This tote is in a class of it’s own, durable, collapsible and stylish!  The Italia comes in a variety of styles and holds everything from your knitting projects to your beach towels and snackies for the day.  It’s also perfect for farmers market trips or shopping as it hides easily in a pocket or purse […]
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The Official Paradise Fibers Blog!

Here you’ll find everything from spinning tips to strange and wonderful happenings at the shop.  Stay tuned or sign up for our RSS Feed to be alerted when there are new articles. Let us know if there is a particular top you’d like us to feature, we’re taking requests.
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