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Paradise Fibers Blog / Userful Fleece

Unicorn Fiber Cleaning Products

The differences between Unicorn Fiber’s Power Scour, Fiber Wash and Fiber Rinse: Power Scour– is used for fiber that is hard to wash either because of lanolin/grease, wax and suint found in sheep and goat fibers. It is also suggested for extremely dirty fibers that need to be scrubbed to come clean. Fiber Wash– is […]
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Yak about Yaks!

YAK about YAK! Did you know that Yak’s don’t moo (aka bovine lowing)? They grunt, in fact, the scientific name of Yak is Bos grunniens or “grunting ox” named by Linnaeus in 1766. There are technically two subgenus of Yak domesticated “grunting” and wild “muted” Yak. Yaks are connected to the Pleistocene epoch more than […]
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Southdown are the breed in which all others in the “Down Family” can cite in their back round. A relatively smaller sheep in comparison to some, it is a duel breed known today for mostly meat. There are technically 3 different types of Southdowns: American, Babydoll, and Miniature. American Southdown are larger than their English […]
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The Wool Pool

Ever wonder where the fleeces of sheep raised for meat go? Into the wool pool! Don’t imagine a pool of wool but rather bales of wool compressed into 400 lbs per bag! For Washington State the lovely home of the Paradise Family, Pendleton Woolen Mills buys the bulk of fiber collected for the wool pool. […]
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Congratulations to the Corriedale!

Congratulations to the Corriedale! This year is the 100 year anniversary of the Corriedale in the US. Introduced to the US in 1914 as a duel breed that would have a high yield in both fiber and meat. Corriedale is one of the oldest established cross breeds developed for Australia and New Zealand’s underused dryer […]
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Cold Weather, Icelandic Sheep

Winnipeg Manitoba was colder than Mars with wind-chills below -37.8 degrees C, and Mars at only -31 C in the last few weeks. Just reading that makes me cold and longing to wrap myself up in something bright and warm, it also makes me think of Icelandic mittens. Icelandic sheep are one of the purest […]
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