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Paradise Fibers Cheviot Wool Roving- 1 lb. Special-Fiber-
Paradise Fibers Cheviot Wool Top - 1 lb. Special

202 reviews
Corriedale Cross Wool Top 1 lb. Special.
Corriedale Cross Wool Top - 1 lb. Special

218 reviews
A colorful pile of Recycled Sari Silk Roving.
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Recycled Sari Silk Pulled Rovings

100 reviews
From $3.50
Paradise Fibers Blue Faced Leicester Roving-Fiber-4oz-Humbug-
Blue Faced Leicester Top

78 reviews
From $12.00
Paradise Fibers Icelandic Wool Top-Fiber-4oz-White-
Sold Out
Paradise Fibers Icelandic Wool Top

32 reviews
From $10.00
Colors Canberra Green, Budapest Purple, San Marino Blue, and Edinburgh Grey.
A Grade Dyed Mulberry Silk Top

24 reviews
From $8.00
Paradise Fibers Finn Wool Tops-Fiber-White-4oz-
Paradise Fibers Finn Wool Tops

28 reviews
From $9.00
natural undyed flax linen top roving
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Paradise Fibers Undyed Flax/Linen Tops

9 reviews
From $8.00
Color Stem, Pillow, Lilac, and Marine Dyed Flax Spinning Fiber Top.
1 in stock
Dyed Flax/Linen Top

11 reviews
From $4.50
Paradise Fibers Corriedale Top - Natural Grey-Fiber-Natural Grey-4oz-
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Paradise Fibers Corriedale Top - Natural Grey

31 reviews
From $8.00
Multiple colors of recycled sari silk threads.
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Recycled Sari Silk Threads

21 reviews
From $3.00
A rainbow of Bio Nylon Spinning Fibers.
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Biodegradable Nylon Fiber - Bio Nylon

9 reviews
From $2.00 $3.50
4 Shades of Dyed Bamboo Top Spinning Fiber
Solid Color Dyed Bamboo Top

14 reviews
From $3.50
Paradise Fibers White Egyptian Cotton Top-Fiber-4oz-
Save 11%
White Egyptian Cotton Top

20 reviews
From $8.00 $9.00
undyed viscose bamboo top roving fiber
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Undyed Bamboo Top

11 reviews
From $10.00 $12.00
Paradise Fibers Jacob Top-Fiber-White-4oz-
Paradise Fibers Jacob Top

8 reviews
From $9.00
Paradise Fibers Grey Gotland Wool-Fiber-4oz-
Save 17%
Paradise Fibers Grey Gotland Wool

22 reviews
From $10.00 $12.00
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Biodegradable Rose and Nylon Blends - Eco Soul

25 reviews
From $5.00
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