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October Fiber Club – Unleashing YAKTOBER and Spinning a Textured Batt Tutorial

Our October Fiber Club Box was nothing short of extraordinary! We took members on a journey through the planes of India and Over the Mountains of Tibet with a special curated box that delighted all the senses! Members from all over the country flocked to Social Media to express their gleeful un-boxing!   Not a […]
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Spinning September 2017’s Fiber Of The Month Club – Autumnal Luxury

Have you ever received exotic fiber or luxurious blends? Or perhaps, a blend with mismatched fiber lengths and you weren’t sure where to begin? The lure of luxurious fibers such as cashmere and the mystery of fibers like soybean, beckon us to reach new heights in our spinning abilities! After all, we spinners must spin […]
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Spinning and Plying with Color

Oh the ways you can prep your fiber for many different outcomes!  Spinning a single is only the beginning.  Here are a few of our favorite methods for plying.  Each of these methods will produce a very different result and the fun will continue as you knit your project.  Working with our own solid colored […]
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Air Travel and Knitting

As convenient as air travel is I am always a little apprehensive.  Getting to see family and going on vacation is the best, but I always worry about getting my knitting project (and all my knitting needles) through security safely.  After all, my project bag is the first bag I pack, doesn’t everyone plan and pack their […]
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Spindle Spinning – How to Ply on the Fly

If you are a spindle spinner then you know the struggle of trying to ply. It’s not terribly hard, it’s just not necessarily as smooth as plying on a wheel with bobbins and a lazy kate. Not to mention that you would need more than one spindle to ply which can get expensive if you are […]
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Where to Find Knitting and Crochet Help

Sometimes when you are stuck on an obstacle with knitting or crocheting, it can be difficult to know where to find your solutions. If you don’t have a good friend to bribe with treats to help you out, or a helpful yarn store in town, sometimes you don’t know where to turn or who to trust with your […]
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7 Essential Tips For Knitting Your First Hat

Are you thinking of knitting your first hat? Or maybe you have already knit your first hat and are just looking for some pointers on how to improve on your second one. Whatever your expertise with hat knitting may be, it is never a bad idea to brush up on some basic essential tips for […]
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Spinning Element: Auto-Wrap

  Most likely you’ve seen an auto-wrap on a core spun yarn, but did you know you can auto-wrap onto a standard single. As you spin the wool you can allow a strand to auto-wrap finishing your single. A yarn that has been spun with an auto-wrap cannot be plied! (The only exception is if your […]
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Working with Two Pitch aka Viking Combs!

There are two main types of combs, English multi-pitch combs or Viking two pitch combs. About all Combs: Diameter of the tines: the larger the diameter of the tines, the more suitable the combs for courser fiber Number of pitches (rows of tines): the more pitches generally, the longer the staple needs to be. If you […]
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Harp Forte Upgrade Kit

Harp Forte Upgrade Kit: the Kromski up-grade for their 3 different size old style Harp looms If you are not sure you need this upgrade look to see if you ratchet and pawls are metal or plastic, plastic and you’ll need the upgrade. The Harp Forte solves some of the problems for that the Harp has been […]
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Kromski Interlude

Interlude. Kromski has three Saxony wheels of differing sizes with musical names. Their smallest is the Prelude the musical lead in, the Interlude for the short dramatic piece of instrumental music and their large classic spinning wheel the Symphony. All three wheels are the type of wheel that harkens a different era with medieval ladies in waiting […]
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Single to Double: Converting and Refurbing a Lendrum Folding Wheel

Barns Sale, Ebay, Swap Meet, Craig’s List, Spin-in, Thrift Store- Spinners work hard to find wheels wherever we go. An old wheel found at a great price creates some of the best stories, even when they end with “it was totally unusable-“ but it is way better when we can end it with- “…and they […]
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