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Natural Dye Kit: Dye-Lishus® Nature’s Paintbox

  So today I’ll be demoing Nature’s Paintbox which contains Dye-Lishus Cotton® with Aquarelle Plant Extract® liquid dyes in a kit. So the cool thing about Dye-Lishus Cotton® is that it has been pre-mordanted to accept dyes- you just need hot water soap the yarn and dyes. The dyes just need to be added to […]
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Some Trouble Shooting with The Revolution

Here is a video covering the basics with the Paradise Fibers Revolution: The Squeak… How not to break your wheel… The Squeak is still there! Difficulties with uptake in Double, Scotch or Bobbin lead… Still having problems or questions? Contract us! We are always happy to help you with your wheel!
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Travel and Folding Wheels Comparison

The world of spinning wheels offers many different choices regarding “travel” or “folding wheels” every wheel has its pros and cons, but here are the basics of how to fold the wheels with some helpful hints mixed in! Lendrum Folding Wheel Kromski Sonata Louet Victoria Schacht Sidekick Ashford Joy Comparison Chart   Lendrum Folding Wheel […]
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Louet Jumbo Art Yarn Flyer

The Louet Jumbo Art Yarn Flyer works on more Louet wheels than it doesn’t.This flyer fits S10, S15, S17, S51, S70, S71, S75, S76, S77 Louet wheels. This flyer is a delightful addition to any of the wheels fit, it adds to tools and the skill set for any spinner no matter the level. With […]
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The Park and Draft Drop Spinning

How to spin with a drop spindle basics Glossary Getting Started Common problems when drafting Common problem when adding twist Spinning of any kind is simply the addition of twist to fiber to create strength, you can see this with any non-braided rope or steel cables for bridges- same idea many fibers or strands locked […]
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Creating Stacks and Stack Traps Plying

How to… Create Stacks When Plying First you need two singles with enough twist to ply, that are of a comparable thickness, you could have different sizes but the effect would be limited by the variations. Here I’m plying from a center pull ball of handspun Grey Perendale-Romney on the Paradise Revolution Jumbo system. A stack […]
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Spiral Ply

Great trick for beginner spinners! Here I’m working with an irregular thick and thin handspun, it looks a tad bit like a lot of beginner’s handspun, but plying with a commercial can lead to a glitzy finished look for your yarn as beautiful as any practiced spinner. Yarn spun thick and thin showcase the visual […]
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Embedding Locks

How to… Embed locks into a single to later ply Personally, “Art Yarn” or novelty yarn is one of the hardest things to learn or re-learn how to make. After spending so much time attempting to learn to spin even and fine, thinking you’re going to make so much yarn for lace-work or handspun sock […]
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How To Join A Stretchy Drive Band for a Spinning Wheel

The clear poly drive band is becoming more and more common. This drive band material does not work for all wheel so be careful when you are ordering it. If you have a double drive wheel you can not use the clear poly drive band. This material will only work for single drive wheels. If […]
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Louet Spinning Wheel Comparison

Louet fest 2013 was a blast. I was able to sit down with Dave from Louet and compare four of their most popular wheels. Louet wanted to make a high quality entry level wheel at a reasonable price point and they came up with the S17. This is a bobbin lead single drive wheel. It […]
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The New Louet David Loom is here at Paradise, Kyle goes over some key features

The Louet David is a one of a kind floor loom. The David is a compact eight harness floor loom available in 27 and 35 inch weaving widths. The first thing you may notice about this loom is the treadling system. As you press down the treadle on most jack looms the shafts are being […]
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How to do a Long Tail Cast-On

How to cast-on using the long tail method. This method of casting on creates a nice even edge on your knitting.   You will find it much easier to knit your first row with this cast-on and if you are knitting in the round joining without twisting is also much easier.  This is because you are […]
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