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Paradise Fibers Blog

Blind High School Student Gives Back To Her Community Through Knitting

Some people just get ‘IT’.  Aspen Poole is one of those people. At 19 years old the High School senior who was born blind, has obsessive-compulsive disorder and is on the autism spectrum still finds a way to fill her day honing skill sets while also giving back to her local community. Her story is […]
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November Fiber Club: A 12 Color Fractal Spinning Tutorial with The GEMS of Paradise!

Inspired by Gemstones, all 12 colors of our new line of fiber,  Gems of Paradise, made it into our Fiber Club members Box for November! It was a GEM PACKED, GEM THEMED, ROSE FIBER EXPLOSION! Also included in our November Box was a unique Hand Made Gemstone Orifice Hook, Mountain Rose Tea, a limited edition […]
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October Fiber Club – Unleashing YAKTOBER and Spinning a Textured Batt Tutorial

Our October Fiber Club Box was nothing short of extraordinary! We took members on a journey through the planes of India and Over the Mountains of Tibet with a special curated box that delighted all the senses! Members from all over the country flocked to Social Media to express their gleeful un-boxing!   Not a […]
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Spinning September 2017’s Fiber Of The Month Club – Autumnal Luxury

Have you ever received exotic fiber or luxurious blends? Or perhaps, a blend with mismatched fiber lengths and you weren’t sure where to begin? The lure of luxurious fibers such as cashmere and the mystery of fibers like soybean, beckon us to reach new heights in our spinning abilities! After all, we spinners must spin […]
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Hedgehog Fibres Spinning Top

Are you entranced by the colorful beauty that Hedgehog Fibres is known for?  These colors are not just reserved for knitters, we have three different bases of this dream roving in stock now!  The colorways of Hedgehog Fibres Spinning Top are limited edition and not repeated.  Make sure you get what you need to get your […]
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Spinning and Plying with Color

Oh the ways you can prep your fiber for many different outcomes!  Spinning a single is only the beginning.  Here are a few of our favorite methods for plying.  Each of these methods will produce a very different result and the fun will continue as you knit your project.  Working with our own solid colored […]
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13 Knitting Memes That Are Perfection

Everyone loves a good meme, and today we’re bringing you 13 of our favorites. 13) Don’t act like you don’t spend 85% of your work day on crafting websites… 12) Everyone loves a good Zoolander reference…and Fade Shawl. 11) Shameful! 10) Play to your strengths! 9) Who needs to buy finished products when you could […]
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Do You Want To Knit? Do You Want To Stay Fit? Say No More….

If any of our crafty community needs a good laugh today watch this Youtube video uploaded by “In The Hay”. We hope you have a great day, though we don’t advise taking your knitting into any exercise classes!! : )
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8 Weeks of Sheep Breed Spinning and Dyeing – Teeswater

Lustrous, strong, and soft. Teeswater is a really interesting wool that separates itself from any other breed. This wool has a long staple making it easy to spin and the natural luster really makes the dye pop. This is a very large breed of sheep that can produce up to 15lbs of fiber for just a […]
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4 Often Overlooked But Fantastic Yarns for Sock Knitting

Socks are a great project when you are looking for something small to knit.  One skein of sock yarn and some double points or circular needles and you are good to go!  Do you ever have a hard time picking out what yarn to use?  Here are four of my favorites: Hikoo CoBaSi: Did you even […]
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Air Travel and Knitting

As convenient as air travel is I am always a little apprehensive.  Getting to see family and going on vacation is the best, but I always worry about getting my knitting project (and all my knitting needles) through security safely.  After all, my project bag is the first bag I pack, doesn’t everyone plan and pack their […]
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8 Weeks of Sheep Breed Spinning and Dyeing – Corriedale

I am so excited about this roving! This week, in my 8 weeks of sheep breed spinning and dyeing, I will be discussing Corriedale Cross roving. I absolutely love this fiber! The dye took beautifully and spinning this fiber was similar to the Targhee I spun a few weeks ago. If you haven’t checked out the […]
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