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Paradise Fibers Superfine Merino Top- 18.5 Micron

SKU: PFBT-T181-08
$26.00 $32.00
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What makes a luxury fiber? 

Most would say, "Softness!", or perhaps, "Wearability!", and even "The ease of spin!" 

This Superfine Merino Top classifies itself as a Luxury Fiber. It surpasses all the above statements and continues to impress beyond! 

What makes this fiber so special? 

For starters, it has a Micron count of 18.5!!! This means it is much softer, denser, and lighter than say, a Merino wool with a micron count of 24. 

Ultra Fine and Super Fine Merino wools have been traditionally used for high quality men's worsted suiting and fine knitting yarns for underwear, nursery apparel and other 'up market' softgoods. The Merino Sheep that produce this Super Fine Wool have been specially cared for and bred to produce a fleece with individual fibers with a thinner diameter. Superfine wool is distinguished among merino wool for having a defined stylish crimp and bright, white color, This wool has great character, style, and handle. With a staple length of 50 to 90mm. 


Dyes beautifully with country classic dyes.